The age range of our group is 5 – 9.  While not a huge difference in years, there’s a fair amount of space when talking about attention span and impulse control.  Aside from the logical chronology of easy to more complex, the main requirements for lessons seem to be: yummy, keep it moving and/or have a place to break for silliness and sustenance.

Keeping all that in mind, what recipes should we tackle?

I wanted to follow a basic intro to baking curriculum, albeit an extremely abridged one!  It made sense to introduce the kids to the elements of baking starting with yeasted bread.  I mean you’ve got three ingredients to deal with in the simplest recipe…water, flour, and yeast.  Add salt, sugar and a fat and that’s still pretty workable for young hands. Plus, yeast. It’s alive. It’s neat.


Lesson 1: Soft pretzels. Not bread exactly, but the mixing method is the same.  And kids like pretzels.

Lesson 2: Pate a choux. Fun. To. Say.

Lesson 3: Pumpkin chocolate chip bread pre-Halloween. Intro to chemical leaveners.

Lesson 4: Apple pies for Thanksgiving.

Lesson 5: Cookies, holidayish.

Lesson 6: Frangipane tart, perhaps with fruit.

Lesson 7: Lemon pound cake in preparation for the more difficult cakes…

Lesson 8: Chocolate cake and buttercream

Lesson 9: Chiffon cake with berries and whipped cream

Totally doable right?